just another half-finished project…

we needed something else to fall behind on, and thought a blog would do the trick.

this is our houseblog. in it, we’ll blather on and on about our new old chicago bungalow. the good news is you won’t have to sit through our stories the next time we see you. the other good news is, neither will we.

front o' the house

9 thoughts on “just another half-finished project…”

  1. I see you have a warped sense of humor, just like your G’pa Pullen. Those darn dna-s just won’t go away! ha

  2. Ah… the first few weeks of house projects. I remember them well…

    What they will tell you: “It never ends!”
    – what they don’t tell you: “you’ll love every minute of it!”

  3. Just added ‘hello house’ to my favorites.

    Which means now I’LL fall behind on stuff TOO.

    Oh, wait, I already do that …

  4. Sleek. Stunning. Sexy.

    I’ve crafted a commemorative haiku:

    Hello, House of Time
    my purse worn thin, wood restored
    silk orange sunset lane

    omg – it’s 11:04pm!

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