rumpus room, jr.

our basement, which used to look like this:   empty basement

and then looked like this:   everything we own

now looks a little something like this:

basement now       basement now

yes, there’s a difference. stop looking at us like that.

we’ve been having fun with the ping pong table we inherited from the previous owner. in fact, we invented a variation on the game, which i like to call Ping Cat. the goal is to see how long we can play without making saturn jump off the table.

ping cat it’s easy to keep it going, because evidently he doesn’t even freak out when the ball hits him.

no, we weren’t aiming for him. geez.

2 thoughts on “rumpus room, jr.”

  1. looks great. does saturn ever play or just like sitting in the front row? The room looks great. You’ve done a nice job with it.

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