“you are the crown of cookation”

thanks to jef’s diligence, we finally found a 30″ vintage stove!

crown stove   stove close-up   kitchen now

we had a heck (ok, a hell) of a time getting it out of the second floor apartment it was in, into the car, and into our house. but no blood was spilt, no floors were gouged, and we discovered there’s just enough room left for a narrow dishwasher.

and really, what more could we ask for?

4 thoughts on ““you are the crown of cookation””

  1. Very nice! I haven’t gotten to the point where I can buy a stove for the kitchen yet so I love to see what everyone else gets when it’s time for them to buy one. How small with the dishwasher need to be in order to fit? Just curious.

  2. Congratulations! That’s fantastic!

    We have a 40″ Wedgewood from the late 40s I think. The kitchen isn’t done, but it’s here. I should take a proper picture.

    These stoves are HEAVY. And a second floor? I shudder to think of that.

  3. hi patricia

    we’ll be getting an 18″ dishwasher. the standard size is 24″. there are also some nice space-saving ones that can fit under the sink or on a counter. there’s also my personal favorite: the fisher & paykel dish drawer. but those are pretty expensive.

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