A New Front Storm Door

A while back, our next-door neighbor (who lived here all her life) told us about when the previous owner of our house got her new storm door. Apparently, she was very excited. We’re not sure why. Here’s that door:

old storm door

We decided to replace it with a solid cypress, Craftsman-style door made by Vintage Woodworks. It’s got a screen insert and a glass insert. Even better, there’s molding that covers the insert so it looks like a permanent part of the door. (No crappy little metal clips showing.)

Jef stained, sealed, and installed the door.

Ahhh, that’s better.

3 thoughts on “A New Front Storm Door”

  1. I believe we got the 1-3/8″ version–it’s nice and heavy. We picked cypress for a couple reasons. 1) The seller was offering a free upgrade to cypress. 2) They said it withstands the elements really well.

    So far they’ve been right. The door is still in fantastic shape.

  2. Thanks. We have basically the same style bungalow in Oak Park and I’m going to put in a new screen door this spring. Now if I could just find urns like the ones you have

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