oh, pluto

pluto’s a bit of an attention whore … and perhaps a bit passive-aggressive. that is to say, he’s a cat.

he likes to park his black-on-top self in high-traffic areas at night when the lights are off. but this time, he outdid himself:

crash thump thump meow!

why, yes, those are the basement stairs. (sure, you can see him in the pic — we had the flash on.)

3 thoughts on “oh, pluto”

  1. My cat, also black on top, does the same thing. Usually she stretches out in front of the bathroom door in the middle of the night. After getting stepped on a few times she now meows if she sees someone heading for the bathroom in the middle of the night. Don’t even get me started on passive aggressive. Anyone that ticks off the cat has been known to find a piece of their clothing in the litter box the next day.

  2. nope, didn’t step on him. of course, if one of us had, it’d be us going to the hospital, not him.

    clothes in the litter box? wow! pluto isn’t that p-a … although one time he peed in one of jef’s friend’s shoes (or pooped; i can’t remember).

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