with love, from ebay

we’re 2 for 5 on ebay auctions this week. but the lamp, couch, and dining set we didn’t win were probably junk anyway. yeah.

what we did win will soon be gracing our living and dining rooms:

heywood wakefield dining table   and   sweet armchair

the table is a heywood-wakefield classic—a great sample of danish modern design from the mid-century. a separate auction for the chairs we want ends in two days. fingers crossed!

hmm. i know i just said the armchair will be going in our living room; but now that i see how good it looks in the picture, i might just park it out in front of the house. then it’ll come in handy once the snow starts to fall.

weekend update!
we’re now 3 for 6, and six of these heywood-wakefield dogbone chairs will soon become best friends with the table we got a few nights ago. woo-hoo!

hey-wake dogbone chairs

4 thoughts on “with love, from ebay”

  1. For the record, we won this set, but the mofo’s wanted antique prices for the set and the reserve was over 2x what the final bid was. I beg of you America, if you want top crazy rich we-change-our-furniture-like-clothes prices, take it to the burbs at the antique fair or don’t have a reserve and just set your minimum price as the starting price. Save us all some time. People actually watch auctions for the full 7 or 10 days getting excited about possibly winning. If you sell antiques, sell antiques, but don’t get the hopes up of people who just want to buy furniture. Ebay lets the market determine what the market will bear, so deal with it. You probably have beards and an RV, retired bastards.

  2. Wow, Jef:

    The dining room table is really cool but the dining chairs are the BEST!!!

    I love the look and even the color of the pads…are you keeping the color?
    They look to be in mint condition,too!

    Way to go!!

  3. JEF-
    This looks something like what mom and pop had–the Heywood-Wakefield dining room set, that is. May I be so bold as to ask what you paid for it?

  4. John, we got the table and chairs from different sellers. I don’t remember exactly how much, but they were on the good side of eBay’s standard range for these pieces in good condition.

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