a kitchen named floyd

my (alicia’s) parents came to town this weekend and went to town on the kitchen. we washed the residual wallpaper paste off the walls, mudded and sanded them, and did them up real purty like.

a while ago it occurred to me that if we’re going to do major work on the kitchen in a few years, we should paint it a fun color now — one that we like but wouldn’t want forever. so we got pink.

i guess i was a bit remiss with the photography: i got one shot of dad working, but none of mom. (sorry, mom! you’ll have to find your internet fame somewhere else.)


and here are some shots of the finished kitchen:

finished paint job   finished paint job

you can also see our new refrigerator, which was a housewarming present from jef’s parents. we were sad to give up the sweet design of our little vintage fridge, but on the other hand, ice cream! now we have someplace to put it.

thanks, moms and dads!

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  1. very nice retro look! great to have family help as well. Steve’s parents used to come and help Steve alot until I cam along and now I am the help :)

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