home at last

after 3 ½ months of living here, i (alicia) finally feel like i’m home. here’s why:

books!   books!

i indulged myself this weekend by reading pride and prejudice cover to blessed cover, and today i started my annual craving for russian lit. hopefully it will last long enough for me to finally read the last few chapters of the brothers karamazov.

anyway, i hope you love the bookshelves’ faux-wrought iron look as much as i do. it’s especially classy when rendered in plastic. (this was yet another piece inherited from the previous owner.)

in other news, the housewarming is just a couple days away now. we’ve managed to get a lot done and get some things nicely organized, but we’ve also made many messes in the process. (why does it always happen that way?) it’s gonna be a busy — but very fun — few days.

4 thoughts on “home at last”

  1. I am so glad you were able to find a home for your books. I know that was a desire of yours. They Look good. I wish we could be there for the house warming. (I love Fat Willys.)

  2. GAH. Have I mentioned how. MUCH. I love your house? I have? ‘Cause I do. Wrought plastic bookshelves and all!

  3. I always told my fiance that the first thing I’d do when we bought a house was to tear out a wall and build in a entire wall bookshelf.
    As it happened, we bought a house in April, and to my great relief, there was a built in book shelf. Its one of my favorite parts of my house.

    I just started my site showing off bits and pieces of my place, I added your link. Keep up the hard work!

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