4 thoughts on “Wot’s all this then?”

  1. Wow! What a great idea – video. It came up and loaded so fast, I was really surprised. It was the quickest anything has ever loaded on my computer at home. Great job. Nice music too. ;)

  2. love the music/video combo- you crazy kids up on that roof! We are getting our roof done this year too- but it’s a flat top. New roof=peace of mind

  3. Hi. Thanks for the comments. Neither of us actually went on the roof. I am actually terrified of heights (I am scared of falling which people say is different than fear of heights. Maybe it’s called being smart?!). The guys that did our roof were nice enough to shoot video while they were working. They were also nice enough to fit us in during the unusually warm days!

  4. The video’s brill … I was wondering which of you two crazy people was up there with a camera! Totally jealous of the new roof … can you send your guys to Indy? Thanks.

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