do ya see da light?

according to a friend of mine, jef and i need to be chaperoned. ok, so when we’re understimulated, we saw holes in the living room wall. big whoop.



some details:

jef did a lot of trial and error to find the edges of the window through the wall. in the video, you can see that he kept sticking a flashlight in the holes and leaving; he was running outside to see where each hole was in relation to the window.

he didn’t have the right tools when he started (at 10:00 last saturday night), so he ended up making a lot of the holes with a screwdriver. the next day he got the right jigsaw blade, and that was a big help.

so what was covering the window? felt paper, insulation, some sort of mesh/chicken wire, cement, and plaster. geez.

(the video requires flash 8.)

5 thoughts on “do ya see da light?”

  1. I loved the nintendo music and the gorgeous still frame at the end of the lovely window. Great job!

  2. Holy samoleans.

    First of all, I couldn’t quit giggling over the music. Second of all, Jocelyn’s right … who the devil covers up stained glass?! Oh, wait, the same people that carpeted my hardwood floors!

    Nice work, kids! Gives an already cool pad an even cooler vibe!

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