we bought a tree tonight for our new front-yard landscaping. it’s a serviceberry: amanchelier canadensis. (and i typed that from memory, thankyouverymuch.)

no pic yet. why not? because the hailstorm started before we could take one. it also started before we finished our work, and definitely before we got inside. but here’s what a serviceberry looks like:

the rest of the landscaping is coming together in bits and pieces. jef’s dug up two of the four yew stumps, and i’ve been prepping a narrow bed in the backyard for planting soon.

the hottest action is actually taking place inside right now. over the last couple weeks, i’ve started about 250 flowers from seed, and am still babying them, waiting for it to warm up some more outside.

we’re going to have hollyhocks, lupins, asters, zinnias, dianthus, spearmint, chinese forget-me-not, wildflowers, (more) black-eyed susans, alyssum, and lavender. we’re also going to have catnip, but that’ll get planted straight outside and away from pluto. i’m not stupid. oh, and tonight we bought some geraniums to put in a plastic frog planter. and i have a bunch of other herb and flower seeds and a few bulbs to plant.

tons o’ fun, i tell ya.