the comeback king

ferget flavor flav. we’ve got the real comeback king right here in our living room.

  sure, for a while he was a total outsider.


  there’s just no way to fit in when the pop culture is so bland.


  unlike most stars, a stripping job actually helped this guy return to his former star status.


  a bit of a makeover helped get him ready to move back into the spotlight.


  he was just about despondent enough to start returning VH1’s calls…


  finally—his big movie break!


  the applause lasted long after the lights came up…


  and he’d like to thank the academy, some previous owner for giving him the challenges that made him the window he is today, alicia for always believing in him, jef for being willing to go out in the rain for him, and jim for crafting his stunning new poplar wardrobe.