A Restorative Vacation

After a couple of ridiculously tough months of work, I’m on vacation this week. And like the Good Book says, there’s no better remedy for creative burn-out than a week of manual labor.

So this week, I’m staining, shellacking, cutting, and installing the cap and shoe for our living-room and dining-room baseboards.

For over a year we’ve had just the base up, and it looks very decent. (Much better than the bare plaster peeking out below the wallpaper!)

dining room w/ baseboards

Here’s the new cap after being stained and shellacked:


It’s poplar, with walnut stain and lemon-yellow shellac, which gives it a warmer tone.

Still to do:

  • Stain and shellac the shoe (3/4″ pine quarter-round)
  • Remeasure the living room, dining room, entry, and hallway walls
  • Cut it all
  • Install it all

Easy-peasy, right? Just a nice, relaxing vacation.

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