tree! update

it might not look like much now, but in a couple weeks it’ll be covered with white flowers. and then you’ll be jealous.


we got this guy from lurvey’s garden center in des plaines (a not-too-far-away burb). i’ve been really happy with lurvey’s so far (a little reco for anyone in the area).

anyway, this tree counts as a five-footer, even though it looked just as big as the six-footers. so we saved $100 by going for the “smaller” one.

what else is going on in the yard? we’ve got two more yew stumps to dig out. then we’ll grade the yard and move what’s left of The Mound into what will become our bed of new plants. we’re also going to have the paint stripped off the house’s limestone accents, to bring the stone back to its original look. we can’t really plant anything else in the yard until that’s done.

it’s getting warm out! spring is definitely here, and within a couple months, our yards are going to be transformed. (at least, that’s how i envision it. the fact is that we’re planting a lot of perennials that won’t bloom til next summer.) but still, it’s getting warm out! :)

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  1. ‘k, actually? I’m jealous NOW, ’cause you’ve actually DONE something to your yard. Mine still looks like there was a small war out there … branches a-go-go.

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