deadbeat masons

no pics for this post. why? because after waiting two months for AAA-1 Masonry to do some much-needed work on the front of our house, we’re giving up and asking for our deposit back.

the shitty thing about this is that we can’t do any landscaping til this work is done. so half the summer will be wasted.

the other shitty thing is that AAA-1 markets itself as a great admirer/proponent of quality craftsmanship. the owner, robert reese, sounded really excited about our bungalow when he did a 45-minute walkthrough back in march. total brick-tease.

sigh. now it’s back to angie’s list to post a scathing review and look for another masonry company. recos are welcome.

3 thoughts on “deadbeat masons”

  1. Frustrating, isn’t it? I had the same story with an AL concrete guy earlier this summer (and a few others before that). You sit and wait for them to do the work….and when they don’t pan out you have to sit again on someone else’s list. I started using the BBB online system and have been having better luck with that. Too bad you aren’t in Mpls…..I know a good masonary guy here.

  2. We’ve used Bittner Constuction to brick up a few windows partially for our kitchen and they were OK. We are planning to use Jack Maldonado for tuckpointing our entire bldg. later this summer. We interviewed 5 companies and he was by far the most professional, helpful and informative of the group. In business 40 years. 773-925-9714- and no, we’re not related to him or anything like that ;o)

    Good luck!

  3. thanks for the sympathy & advice!

    go figure, i got a message from aaa-1 this morning saying they’ll be here on wednesday. the power of the blog! or something.

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