shiver me refinished timbers!

a spontaneous trip to michigan yesterday rewarded us with booty any mid-century danish pirate would love.

at another’s treasure in st. joe, we spied these lovelies (and brought them home, of course):



the hey-wake piece is a secretary that turns into a little desk when you open the top. and underneath there are three regular drawers.

the dishes are china—caribe, from san juan (the city, not a company). they have some guy’s name on the bottom, but it wasn’t familiar.

also… if you look closely you’ll see a hint of what we’ve been doing to the main rooms. full post on that coming soon.


3 thoughts on “shiver me refinished timbers!”

  1. I am on the other side of Michigan in Detroit. I think I am going to have to plan a trip tp chicago so I can stop there and pick up my own mid danish booty……

  2. Hey Saple. We have found that southwest Michigan has a ton of Danish Modern furniture. There seem to be alot of retro furniture dealers in that area by the water. In Three Oaks there is Springdale Furnishings (top authority on Hey-Wake) and Another’s Treasure in St. Joseph. If we find more specific names we can post them.

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